Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oragami Shirt & Tie

Oragami Shirt & Tie   I found a cute handout that I wanted to use to go with my lesson next week at church. It was made using an Oragami shirt and tie. I searched through many YouTube videos until I finally found a pattern for a shirt and one for a tie that I really liked. Because it took me so long to figure out how to do this, I thought it might be nice to make an instructional video on each to help out anyone else in my predicament!
   This would be an adorable card for Father's Day as well!!
   Here is the video showing how you make an Oragami shirt.

   Here is the video showing how you make an Oragami tie to go with your shirt.

   I used some double stick tape in a few places to help my shirt an dtie hold thier shapes really well.
   For those who want to use this as a handout for YW Manual 3 Lesson 13, you can view the handout idea at Tales of a Trophy Wife's Blog. I just wrote the words on my tie by hand, but I did make a PDF file of the "Father's Responsibilities" to put on the inside.

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  1. Your video helped me a LOT. I played it over and over until I could figure it out. The shirts and ties turned out great! Thank you!

  2. Video was great. Just had a hard time with the sleeves....pulling the triangle out to match the sides. Otherwise, the shirts turned out great. Thank you for sharing your creative talents!!!!!!

  3. You are awesome for making a video to show how to make these adorable little things! Thank you!