Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Father's White Shirt"

   So I loved the little Origami shirts and ties so much, and so did the girls in my class at church. They wanted to learn to make them, so we decided to make them as gifts for Father's Day for all the fathers at church. We knew we needed a cute poem to go with them. Here is the poem we decided to use. One of the women at our church wrote it for us, so please give the credit to her if you use the poem, too! We placed the poem inside the shirt along with a Twix candy bar!

"Father’s White Shirt"

A Father’s white shirt is not always white.
It can be blue, grey or green, or dark as the night.
Soldier or sailor, banker or fireman,
Fathers work hard to meet life’s demands.
A Father’s job is to teach us the right,
To keep away monsters in the dead of the night,
To provide all that’s needed for our family.
(Plus give me great hugs when I sit on his knee.)
Shirts of all colors at home, work or play-
He’s still my White Knight at the end of the day.
∼ by Sonya Robinson ∼

   Here is a PDf file of the poem perfectly sized to fit in a shirt made from an 8½" x 11" piece of paper.

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