Monday, March 7, 2011

My "Baby" KitchenAid!

Liquid Blender Rod Attachment   I grew up with a KitchenAid stand mixer at my disposal! Yes, I was truly quite spoiled as a child. When I got married, my husband and I first lived in a tiny two room apartment. The kitchen was very small with almost no counter space, so I decided a stand mixer was not a good idea at the time. But what to get? I knew I wanted a hand mixer that would stand up to the thickest of cookie doughs! I was so excited to see that KitchenAid did make a hand mixer. So I got a "baby" KitchenAid and fell in love immediately. It was so cute, and worked great on all my cookie doughs!
   When my first mixer died, I was torn... should I get a large stand mixer or anther hand mixer? I now had the space to get a hand mixer, but I had learned to make all my bread doughs by hand, and loved the hand-kneading experience. So... I decided to get another "baby" KitchenAid. This one even came with dough hooks (which have never been used, as my hands still do the job great).
   Just this past week, my son lost one of my beaters to my KitchenAid. Initially, I was quite upset, but quickly decided that it was a great opportunity to get a new KitchenAid! (The old one was making some strange noises anyway.) I began my search online, and soon found a cute pink one with 7 speeds and on SALE! I quickly made my online purchase.
   It arrived a couple of days ago! I was surprised to see that it came with a "liquid blender rod". What is that you say? It is a milkshake mixer!!

KitchenAid with Liquid Blender RodI always wanted a handheld milkshake mixer, but never wanted to spend the money on it. What a fun surprise it has been! It makes milkshakes in seconds, and you can mix them noiselessly right in the glass you serve them in! We made peanut butter cup and cookies-n-cream blizzards tonight! (Do be sure to cut the PB cups in smaller pieces and crush the cookies up prior to blending them into your blizzard.)
   So if you want a great mixer, but space or money is an issue... get a "baby" KitchenAid! And if you already have a "baby" KitchenAid, you just have to get the milkshake attachment!!

7 speed KitchenAidI know mine will be getting much use this summer!

   The liquid blender rod attachment must be handwashed, so don't put it in the dishwasher.


  1. These are fabulous! Thanks so much for linking them up at Muffin Monday.
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  2. I was asked if this liquid blender would work for hand mixers other than Kitchen Aid. Does anyone know the answer to this question?

  3. Hi, Kim, I wish your hope comes to be true.Thank you very much for sharing with all us about your "Baby"KitchenAid. Now-a-days KitchenAid Mixer is an important part of kitchen.