Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Suit Candy Bar Wrapper

Santa Suit Candy Bar Wrapper   This is a fun gift to give at Christmas! Who doesn't like chocolate? And lots of it when you give this Giant Hershey bar all dressed up for Christmas!
   All my measurements are for a Giant Hershey bar, but you can adjust them for any size Hershey bar.

Giant Hershey bar dressed up for Christmas
Items needed:
  • Giant Hershey bar
  • Red, black, yellow, & white paper
  • Glue pen
  • ⅝” circle punch
  • Button hole paper punch
  • 1⅛” square paper punch
  • Paper cutter with scalloped & straight blades

Cut the following:
  • red paper (1) - use straight blade 9⅝" x 7⅛"
  • white vertical (1) - use scallop blade 1⅜" x straight blade 7⅛"
  • white horizontal (1) - 1⅝" wide one side straight one side scalloped x 9⅝" with straight blade
  • black belt (1) - 1" x 9⅝"
  • yellow square (1) - 1⅝" strip of yellow paper; use 1⅛" square punch to cut out center of belt buckle and then cut belt buckle 1⅝" square
  • black buttons (3) - ⅝" circle punch; use button hole punch twice to make 4 holes

Cut pieces used to decorate Santa suitTake the brown, outside wrapper off the Hershey bar. Re-wrap it using the red paper that you cut. Use a glue pen to adhere the wrapper in the back of the candy bar.

On the center front of the candy bar, glue the white vertical piece with scalloped edges.

On the bottom edge with straight sides together, place the white horizontal piece and wrap all the way around candy bar. Adhere with glue pen in front as well as in back.

Next glue belt buckle onto center of black strip.

With glue pen, adhere belt above bottom white piece with belt buckle centered on vertical white piece. Wrap belt around candy bar and adhere in back as well.

Now glue the three buttons on the white vertical piece above the belt.

Your Santa Suit is done!! Now don't you wish this gift was for you?

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  1. Thank you so much for the instructions for this suit, I just love it. We dont have these bars in australia so I will adjust for ours. Happy Christmas. Ruth