Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Dad's White Shirt"

   Here is the poem I wrote for my dad for Father's Day. I put it in a little 4"x6" photo album and added pictures of me and my sisters' weddings, baby blessings, and baptisms. My dad is very involved in our church, and he's always willing to do whatever is asked of him. I'm very fortunate to have such an awesome Dad! Happy Father's Day, Dad!

“Dad’s White Shirt”

My father has a special shirt
It’s white as white can be.
He wears it for those special times
Like when he blesses me.

He wears it on each Sunday,
As we take the sacrament.
He wore it when he baptized me,
And for his own Endowment.

He wears it to home teach
The many families in his care.
He wore it on his mission,
So the gospel he could share.

He wears it as he serves the Lord
Whatever task he’s given.
He wears it whether doing work
For the dead or for the living.

He wore it to the temple
On the day he wed my mother.
And on that day he promised her
That there would be no other.

This shirt is very special
To my family and I.
It is a symbol that my dad
Is one terrific guy!

∼ by Kim Bennett ∼

   This would be so cute with the Origami white shirt and tie!

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