Saturday, April 7, 2012

Peep Pops

Peep Pop BouquetI saw the cutest Peep Pops in the store! But they were $1.78 each, so I decided that I would try to make my own for a lot less money!

Items needed:
   Yellow chick peeps
   Blue chick peeps
   Pink chick peeps
   Purple or green chick peeps
   8"-12" sucker sticks
   2¾” x 2½” x 9" Gusset Cellophane bags
   ⅝” sheer pastel ribbon
   Cute tag

Take one of each color peep being sure that one of the peeps is from the end of a row with white marshmallow showing on only one side.
Line the peeps up side by side so that the sides with the white marshmallow showing are touching. They will stick together nicely.
Now insert a sucker stick so that the “end” peep will be at the top of your sucker. The stick should go all the way through each peep except the "end" peep. It should go into the end peep, but not all the way out the top.
You can use your fingers to spread the peeps out a little, as they are now kind of squished together.
Insert peeps into a gusset bag.
Tie with your ribbon and add your cute tag.

Finished Peep Pop
Now make several and you have a gorgeous Peep Bouquet!!

Peep Bouquet
Look online for cute tags to go with your Peep Pop! There are many cute ones to choose from.

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