Friday, October 14, 2011

Creepy Crawly Spiders

   This idea came home with my daughter from an activity she attended at church. They used big Tootsie Pops and four full size chenille stems. My daughter wanted to make them for her class, so we modified the idea slightly by using mini Tootsie Pops (because I already had a lot of them) and two chenille stems each cut in half.

Things you will need:

Things you neeed
  • Mini Tootsie Pop
  • 2 chenille stems (same color as Tootsie Pop)
  • Scissors or wire snips
  • Clear tape
  • White craft clue that dries clear

First, fold both chenille stems in half.
Step 1Cut in the middle.

Step 2Now you have four halves.

Step 3Place the sucker in the middle of chenille stems.

Step 4Fold the chenille stems on one side of sucker up and around the sucker stick.

Step 5Fold the chenille stems on the other side of sucker up and around the sucker stick.

Step 6After folding both sides up and around, you have four chenille stems on each side of your sucker stick.

Step 7Top SideNow, with one hand, hold the stick and chenille stems in the middle. With the other hand, shape one set of chenille stems to make spider legs.

Step 8Legs shaped properlyRepeat the process to shape the other side of legs.

Step 9Still holding the middle, separate the spider legs on one side.

Step 10Step 10Repeat for the other side.

Step 11Now, see that funny piece of sucker wraper that sticks out of the spider's head.

Wraper sticking off headUse a little piece of clear tape to tape it under the head. (I did find that this step can be done first, and it is probably easier to do it first.)

Step 12Now, cut off that ugly white part of the sucker stick off.

Step 13You might notice that the sucker can slide quite easily out of the chenille stems. To prevent this, turn the spider upside down and place some white glue right by the chenille stem and stick.

Step 14Leave the spider on it's back to dry overnight.

Step 15In the morning, you have a cool, fuzzy spider that stays together!

Finished SpiderYou can make them in a variety of colors!

Colorful SpidersMy children's classmates enjoyed playing with these cute treats!


  1. Darrrling! I never though spiders could be loveable! :) Thanx 4 the great (& QUICK!) idea.



  2. Ooops! That was supposed to read "thought,' not "though," of course {tail between legs}.